Numerous UI Updates, Prompt Template Improvements, and More!

More Than Just a New UI

This update lays the foundation for us as developers to work more efficiently on the system. By integrating DaisyUI https://daisyui.com/, we now have access to a plethora of easy-to-use components. This shift moves us towards a more modular, “Lego brick” building approach for the UI while still utilizing Tailwind CSS.

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Prompting Everywhere

The goal of LaraLlama is to make prompting and automations accessible for non-coders. Our new UI now allows users to write prompts for almost all sources and outputs. This means that when the system performs tasks like “Summarizing Documents,” it can be tailored specifically to your needs rather than relying on generalized prompts.

  1. The system will provide prompt templates you can use or make your own!

  2. Once you choose it will show up here and be part of the process (Source or Output!)

Chat Ui Improvements

Easily add new chats from the ui (about time!)


The title will be rendered automatically from your first message.

Mobile Friendly!

Just too easy to do with Daisy and Tailwind so it is there if needed. Just save the bookmark to your iOS screen or Android and done!


Just add it to your home screen!


Miscellaneous Updates

We’ve implemented numerous smaller updates, such as the ability to delete sources and outputs.

What’s Next?

Next week, we’re excited to introduce two key features:

1. Response Rating: This feature will allow you to rate the responses of a chat.

2. In-Context Training: Building on the feedback from response ratings, this feature will enable the system to incorporate this training into prompts for more effective multi-shot prompting.

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Posted on: June 9th, 2024

On: Press Release

UI Updates

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