LaraLlama or Copilot for Microsoft 365

We need to address the elephant in the room: CoPilot!

If your company exclusively relies on SharePoint for all your data needs and the pricing works for you, then by all means, stick with it. However, if you are seeking additional features, such as automations based on email boxes, webhooks from services like GitHub, Stripe, HubSpot, a mixture of agents, or any custom services, we have a solution for you.


You can also add chat functionality to your CMS,

Why Choose LaraLlama Over CoPilot?

Imagine you need to write a report summarizing all the sales emails from the past week. With CoPilot, this process might require several manual steps or additional coding. But with LaraLlama, our NO-CODE solution, it’s effortless. Simply point LaraLlama to that email box, and it will ingest all the data, providing you with a comprehensive weekly report. Or perhaps you want to consolidate changes from ten different code repositories into a polished change-log for your boss. No problem – and no code needed.

Imagine you need to write a report summarizing all the sales emails from the past week.

The Power of Open Source

Some of the greatest products in the technology industry—foundational to all the products you see on the internet and on your computers at work or home—are open source. WordPress, Linux, Git, Laravel, and more are just a few examples. What this brings to the table for you and your business is freedom from being stuck. Stuck in a situation where a product gets you 80% of the way there, but the last 20% is impossible or takes more work than starting over. LaraLlama.io is open-source, leaving you free to have others add to it to meet any needs your business might have. Have some internal API that you need to integrate into LaraLlama? No problem—just create a Source that plugs into it, and you are good to go.

start automating your work without needing any programming skills.

Seamless Integrations and Automations

Do you have a CMS and want to integrate its data into a CRS? LaraLlama.io can ingest data from a feed or webhooks effortlessly. Even better, with every update, LaraLlama.io can notify you or the content writer about missed style guides, related articles, and more.

You can also add chat functionality to your CMS, allowing users to interact directly with the data. While this might require a bit of coding to paste the widget, that’s all you need to do. Once set up, you can chat directly with your data!

Our platform offers seamless integrations with Slack, Salesforce, email, and many other options to streamline your data automation needs.

With LaraLlama.io using your data to make power Prompts is just a few clicks!

Feature Review LaraLlama vs Microsoft CoPilot


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